Riccardo Riande

Wedding Photographer/Videomaker


riccardo riande photographer.jpg

An international photographer who desires to capture the love, beauty and passion of the bridal couples I’ve the pleasure of working with. I have a strong connection to my Italian Heritage and the passion of the Italian people but also treasures the art I create globally.


As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege to travel around the world and capture love stories. Not knowing boundaries, I work worldwide and throughout Italy, from Valle d'Aosta to Sicily.


I've traveled the globe working for actors agencies and cinema magazines and this allowed me to grow as photographer and specialize in portraits. Being a witness of a "yes" during an engagment is certainly a privilege and a responsibility that today I feel I can take.


Ten years of unique experience, working for a wide variety of sportspeople, actor and actress, musician with their family, in several different locations.Thanks to this I has developed my technical skills, creative abilities, eye for detail and a professional approach